Streamline Operations

Physician Communication

  • Assist with patients to refill medications. Coordinate with patient’s pharmacy and call the doctor’s office
  • Resolve patient’s needs like doctor appointments, medication refills, and scheduling.
  • Fax Therapy Evaluation notes to doctors. Schedule therapy visits based on the frequency provided by the therapy companies.
  • Coordinate scheduling between patients, nurses, doctors, and therapists.
  • Scheduling for PT/OT/ST/HHA/ SKILLED NURSES/MSW.

Patient Communication

  • Call recent patients for satisfaction survey making sure that services are rendered or satisfactorily.
  • Call random patients each month for Satisfaction Survey.
  • Assist with case management from the hospital once the patient is admitted. Follow up with the hospital, request for medical discharge summary, and coordinate with RN/PT/HHA once the patient is discharged

Third Party Resource Management

  • Call pharmacy for medication refills.
  • Follow up on Lab orders.
  • Coordinate and follow up with patient’s medical DME supply.
  • Download therapy notes from different software vendors and upload document to Winnolas.

Revenue Management

  • Check for doctor’s signature on all required notes and documents. When all are complete and signed to be able to lock Episodes and submit EOE.
  • Monitor ready for RAPs (Oasis is approved and there is the first billable visit). Check orders frequency to ensure correct first billable visit.
  • Manage Pre-Claim Review submission in E-services.
  • Note: Manage Pre-Claim Review is separate charge from Virtual Assistant Services.


  • Sort/Split electronic faxes received then upload to Winnolas.
  • Fax all pending physician orders from Winnolas.

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