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At Winnolas, we deeply understand what patients and the people who care for them go through: from the anxiety the patients feel during their current life stage to the uncertainty and worry that besiege their loved ones who support them. Our software enables all aspects of running your agency (Clinical, Operational, and Financial) so you can effectively and efficiently provide the best Hospice Care Services: from palliation and pain management requirements of your patients all through the counseling needs of their families.

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Your Competitive Advantage

Winnolas Hospice Care was crafted by listening to our Hospice Agency clients with decades of experience in the industry. Their Domain expertise combined with our Software Development specialization and Business Management acumen have jointly produced software that helps fulfill your Mission as well as achieve your Profitability Goals. More importantly, unlike our larger, more rigid competitors, we maintain the Agility to respond quickly to your growing and fast-changing needs.

Our expertise in software and application development is deeply ingrained in our company culture including our C-suite executives. We are passionate about technology but we do not use technology for technology’s sake. We apply acute business sense to choose which advances in software paradigm and infrastructure are appropriate to deliver true value to our customers both in terms of helping create their strategy and impact operational efficiencies.

The Power of Azure

Winnolas Hospice Care is cloud-native and built on Microsoft Azure® : the most utilized cloud platform on the planet. It is robust, flexible, and covers more services than any cloud platform both on the cloud and at the edge.

This means you can be assured that our software takes full advantage of the platform’s core strengths: Stability, Security, Scalability, and Scalability with leading-edge technology readiness built-in including the widening acceptance and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through the rapid advancements of Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data.

Compassionate. Competitive. Compliant.

We started with careful and detailed study of the policies Winnolas Hospice Care needs to implement. The result is software that is 100% compliant with government regulations.

We closely monitor policy changes so as they change, we change with them. We also ensure that the business rules our software is running have the proper implementation dates set by the government. We use conscientious application of these changes making certain not only are they implemented but also when they should be implemented.

Three-Tiered Implementation

Winnolas Hospice Care uses a three-tiered feature approach ensuring an intuitive, integrated, and highly efficient Benefit and Claims Processing Policy implementation.


• COVID 19 Monitoring
• Mobile-Ready
• Clinical Documentation
• IDG / IDT Meetings
• Medication Administration
• Custom Documents
• Electronic Signature Capture


• Patient Information Tracking
• Scheduling
• Notice of Election Alert
• Document Review / Q.A.
• Secure Internal Email
• Dashboards and Analytics

Back Office

• Billing
• AR and Financial Reports
• Payroll
• Employee Credential Tracking
• Scanned Document Storage
• Report Generation
• Predictive Analytics and AI

Product Feature Description

Here are some of Winnolas Hospice Care Product Features exhibiting power and ease-of-use. Just like our Winnolas Home Health Software, you can enjoy the same capability, reliability, and usability specific to Hospice Care. This means your knowledge and skills in using Winnolas Home Health are transferrable to Winnolas Hospice Care. This reduces your learning curve almost to zero.

If you are a new user, don’t worry. Our deeply knowledgeable support team will get you up to speed in no time. We guarantee that you will hit the ground running with utmost efficiency.


Our dashboard displays important information through a series of interactive dashlets that help deliver the intelligence you need to support the operations of your organization.

Cross-Platform Support

Our cloud-based solution streamlines financial information for home health agencies. You can make decisions based on real-time data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Agency Task Manager

Improve productivity with our easy and intuitive daily task tool. The real-time collaboration and effective clinical coverage will improve schedule management and increase efficiency.

Safe And Secure

Our cloud-based solution utilizes the industry-leading Cloud Computing Services of Microsoft Azure® to ensure your agency’s data is safe, secure, and automatically backed-up.

Electronic Billing

Our system automatically tracks claims. With Winnolas, you can customize patient billing cycles, instantly determine patient eligibility, and submit claims with a single click.

Patient Activities

Stay organized and efficient with this powerful tool. View completed, pending, and incomplete tasks with one glance. Filter for specific tasks and complete them without ever leaving the list.

Easy ADR Chart File

No more printing and mailing ADR documentation. Winnolas combines all the required information, for ADR submissions, into one PDF file for uploading to the provider portal.

Automated Remittance Posting

No more manual Remittance Posting. Winnolas automatically posts each claim submitted, tags them PAID, shows the final or adjusted amount, and sends an email to the home health agency of each Electronic Remittance Notice (ERN) of the total amount the agency is receiving.

Electronic Faxing

Fax any document with one-click and view all transmitted or received faxes in the Patient Activity Page making faxes accessible to all staff and clinicians.

The Fusion Of Power And Ease

Major interface features make Winnolas Hospice Care extremely powerful and easy to use.

Administrator Dashboard

Provides a quick and comprehensive look at the key areas of the Hospice Agency.
Clinician Dashboard

Allows Clinicians to easily focus on their patients' tasks. Each Clinician can only view the patients assigned to them.

Dashlets provide real-time numbers critical to the Role of the User. Clicking the Scheduled Visits Dashlet provides the list of all visits.
Patient Chart

Provides a single page comprehensive view of the Certification of the patient. Calendar View, Activities List, and White Control Panel.
Patient Chart

Hide the Calendar to provide greater focus on the list of Activities for the Patient.
Patient Chart

Calendar View provides a view of all Scheduled Visits for the patient. Colors make it easy to see the visit type.
Final Claims Dashboard

Final Claims Dashboard Dashlets reflect the stages of the claim as it moves from In-Progress to Paid and includes provisions for tracking Rejected, Canceled and Non-Payment Claims.
Claims Menu

The Black Control Panel provides easy access to NOEs, Final Claims, and Remittances.
Final Claims In Progress

Winnolas sends claims to all payers once every hour and updates the status of eachclaim to ensure all claims are paid as expected.

Winnolas Hospice Care
Revenue Cycle Management

Winnolas Hospice Care provides Real-Time Electronic claims submission to all payers and claims tracking minimize revenue cycle time, maximize cash flow, and ensure faster payments. Our streamlined workflow provides batch submission of claims for visits and orders. Easily process claims submission with NOE and EOP per billing cycle and receive an alert before any NOE expires.

Maximize Revenue

Winnolas Hospice Care provides real-time compliant claim submission and tracking which ensures the entire billing process is timely and produces a consistent, maximized revenue stream for each Hospice.

Efficient Operations

Winnolas Hospice Care provides all the tools required for the Billing Manager to submit and track claims. The real-time status of NOEs, Final Claims, and Remittances provide detailed information on claim status and Alerts are provided to ensure that critical issues get immediate attention.

Reduce Costs

Automating the claim submission process decreases the costs by saving the agency time and money.


Winnolas Hospice Care provides built-in analytical tools for billing staff to ensure compliance and reimbursement requirements are met for each claim.

Patient Care Outcomes

Winnolas Hospice Care's comprehensive billing solution allows the hospice to spend less time concerned with revenue and more time caring for patients.

The Trusted Billing Source

Winnolas relieves the Hospice of the headaches and burdens normally associated with the extensive requirements of Revenue Cycle Management. Our experienced and dedicated billing staff are committed to the financial success of each hospice served. Let us show how our billing solutions will ensure your success.
Let Winnolas Manage Your Billing

Notice Of Election (NOE)

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The Significance of the Notice of Election (NOE)

The Notice of Election (NOE) is to Hospice Care what the Notice of Admission (NOA) is to Home Health. Once a beneficiary has elected a particular Hospice (Hospice Election), this election must be established in the Medicare System through the NOE.

Timely Filing of NOE is Crucial

Proper reimbursement of Hospice Care Services is contingent upon the timely filing of the NOE which must be submitted and accepted by a Medicare contractor within 5 calender days after hospice election. The hospice election effective date is the same as the hospice admission date. This policy is strictly implemented by Medicare to enforce the waiver and also prevent inappropriate payments to non-hospice providers.

But you need not worry, Winnolas Hospice Care makes sure that your NOE is timely-filed by automated reminders within the graphical Dashboard and Activities pages so you can receive prompt payment.

For more details and illustrative examples of this policy, click the Learn More button below.

What Our Clients Say

Mary Jane Doe
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Mary Jane Doe
Aliquam ac purus sit amet orci imperdiet ornare. Nunc vulputate, nisl in porttitor commodo, augue quam bibendum enim, ut bibendum mi orci pretium nunc.
Mary Jane Doe
Aliquam ac purus sit amet orci imperdiet ornare. Nunc vulputate, nisl in porttitor commodo, augue quam bibendum enim, ut bibendum mi orci pretium nunc.

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