Powerful Features

Compliant & Up-to-Date with all regulations

Winnolas keeps your agency compliant in every aspect of your business with built-in functionality that performs screening to identify potential issues and alerts the user to correct the problem. Winnolas continually incorporates updates as guidelines and regulations change giving you peace of mind allowing you to focus on patient care while receiving a consistent, predictable revenue stream.

CAHPS Export

Winnolas provides CAHPS Export of survey data to fulfill CMS requirements.

Quality Assurance Portal

Winnolas provides a role specific QA Login which shows the Quality Assurance Manager all the tasks that require approval or rejection. Winnolas makes it easy for clinicians and QA to communicate should any issues need to be addressed.

Surveyor Portal

Winnolas provides surveyor with direct access to the data required to perform the survey. Winnolas takes the agency stress out of surveys by ensuring all the clinical documentation is CMS compliant and survey ready for ACHC, CHAP, and the Joint Commission. Export data to HH-CAHPS survey providers with confidence that compliance is part of the daily workflows and therefore always compliant.


One-Day Switch!

Winnolas™ simplifies the transition from your current software provider by seamlessly incorporating existing data and user information, eliminating the stress of switching software..

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